The College Tee Project’s 3rd Santa Hat Tee Challenge

Your support today will help us reach our goal of delivering College Tee Project packages to over 3,000 low income students in Sonoma County during the 2020-2021 school year. The CTP package includes a college tee shirt, a personal note from a college grad, and our Pathway to College poster which includes basic information regarding college opportunities and a road map to college. This is all delivered at an informational and inspirational assembly.  For more information please contact

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Option 1: Make a one-time donation to support The College Tee Project!

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Option 2: Donate a tee shirt (or more than one) and submit and a college note for our students!

  • Note* I went to Ohio University in a small college town where I learned how to be a writer, met a roommate who is still one of my best friends 40 years later and had a lot of fun being away from home for the first time. Because of my professors I became a newspaper writer and book author. You will love it!
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